A Sexual Fantasy

— By Golkonda

It was 1998. After a night out, Tania, Dean and I ended up in Tania’s one-bedroom apartment. It was already early in the morning. We continued drinking, talking about Jack Kerouac… Tania put on a tape by Sade. Dean sat on the floor in front of the TV and he started to play Mario Bros on Nintendo. Tania and I sat behind him and at first watched him play, but after a while we started kissing and playing with each other. I took her by the hand and into the bathroom. Tania began eating my rising “mushroom” even before she was fully undressed. Then she crawled under the shower curtain and bended over the bathtub exposing her ass. As I fucked her harder an harder I got more and more “coins” of excitement from her increasing moans. I moved the curtain to the side and let the shower drip on her back, droplets of water rolling to her ass. All our clothes and all the towels were now on the floor. Tania jumped in my arms and I gently lowered us down, letting her ride me this time. Bending my knees, I grabbed Tania by the thighs and I lifted my pelvis with her on top. She was fucked in the air, grabbing me firmly, then she reached for “the highest top of the flag”: her orgasm. We finished this level and went out of the bathroom. Dean was still playing video games…