The pool party

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Nickie

I am attending a pool party, but not brought any swimsuit, as the idea of splashing around with drunk people is not really my thing. A friend of mine invited me to join her, as she knows the rich couple living in the large villa with a park-size garden - and a swimming pool. But I do not know neither them nor really any of the other guests, I mostly just agreed to accompany her as a favour, and to have a free treat and see how rich people lives. Nevertheless, once the party is on, I do get tempted to take a dip in the pool, where my friend is already having fun, and regret that I did not bring that swimsuit. My friend gets up and says that I can borrow a swimsuit from the host; she has more or less the same figure as me. We go inside and upstairs to her dressing room and have a look. However, all of her swimsuits are quite daring; she doesn't have any regular one. Finally I stand in a golden swimsuit, which is kind of a thong tied to a skimpy bra, with bare stomach and back. My friend says that it looks great on me and that it is not that different from a regular bikini. I would have preferred to be more covered up, but choose to keep in on and return to the pool. I quickly jump in the water before too many sees me, and has some fun with my friend and some of the guests. As I get up, a guest still in his pants and shiirt asks me for a dance. However, I prefer a drink first, and we have a cocktail while chatting, before we proceed to the garden where there is some space to dance. My swimsuit keeps getting out of place due to the movements, and my tits keep slipping out. It bothers me, and therefore I untie it and continue topless, as it is the same anyway. That just makes it even more lose, and I finally decide to take it off completely and dance naked. Much to the enjoyment of him. Soon we take a break from the dance, and he asks me to go with him and explore the garden. I take his hand and follow him, leaving the swimsuit behind me while we sneak away. We find a remote corner, where he strips out of his shirt and drops his pants, and we have sex, not caring if anyone should show up and see us. Afterwards he gives me his shirt, and we return to the party, where I get dressed again and reunite with my friend, who has been looking for me everywhere. She won't believe what just happened....