Take me for a ride!

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Clara Sage

Something I always thought would be so hot would be to get it on during a mountain bike ride... it's already so exciting to ride fast through the woods, zooming around corners and smashing down rocks on the trail, catching air off of rollers and drops. Only this wild ride would get even wilder! My sexy mtb companion and I would stop for a break in a lush forest full of green and wildflowers. We'd splash ourselves with cool fresh water from the rushing mountain stream, listening to the sounds of the birds singing and the breeze rustling through the trees. We'd peel off our sweaty riding clothes and start touching each other and making out. He'd be sitting in all his naked glory on the banks of the stream with his feet in the water, hard as rock!! I'd stand in the stream in front of him, kissing him all over his body and licking his penis just to tease him a bit before I straddled him and slowly slid him into my wet pussy. I'd rock him back and forth while he sucked my nipples and massaged my back, then he'd lay me out on the forest floor and fuck me until I almost come. Then he'd pull out and finish me off with his tongue. We'd keep fucking until I made him come. After a few minutes of blissed out naked sunbathing in the woods, we'd get dressed back up in our riding gear and keep riding!