The Sweet Escape

A Sexual Fantasy

— By hangmeuptodry

I was in a rut. My boyfriend was working nights and I was all alone at home bored most of the time. The opposite schedules and time apart left our relationship rocky at times, and I would turn inwardly to find solace. One evening, when I was feeling especially lonely, an old friend of mine invited me out for a couple drinks just to perk me up and lift my spirits. I had no idea where the night was going to go, but I was emotional and I needed a little escape. I especially needed wine.


I shot the boyfriend a quick text and announced that I was going out for the evening with a friend, and that I would be in later. As I pulled up my stockings and fastened my pearls, my friend sent me a picture of a woman,"What do you think of her?", he asked. She was curvy, much more that myself, and well endowed in places that I was not. "Beautiful", I said "a new lady in your life?". I grabbed my bag and headed out to meet him. "No," he said, "we're going to fuck her tonight. Together."


What the hell did I get myself into? My heart was racing. I needed a pick-me-up but I never imagined it would be like this. I met my friend at a quiet bar and a glass of red wine was waiting on me. He whispered his game plan to me, making sure not to let the other patrons know what we were scheming. I was told that I would be the little princess this evening. That I was just to lay back and let my friend and some strange woman please me in ways that I didn't know I could be pleasured.


We arrive, and she greets us at the door with warm kisses like she has known us forever. I'm glad they know each other, because I'm twirling my pearls around my fingers nervously. I'm led to a bedroom by my friend, laid down, and stripped down to nothing but my pearls. The two of them kissed, licked, fucked and pushed me to orgasm so many times that I couldn't walk. It was incredible and so devious, just what I needed. I pulled up my stockings, left for home, and texted my boyfriend to let him know I was safe and that I love him very much. He will never know about my sweet escape.