Touching skin never touched

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Gabee

Me and my girlfriend Natalia went to a little gathering with some friends. We had some drinks, talked and laughed by the pool. As the night came by, we all went up to our friend's apartment. Everyone was already a bit loosened by alcohol, so we started dancing in the living room. Helena was rubbing her body against me and the atmosphere became increasingly hot. Natalia was jealous, so I incited her to join us. Suddenly, Pedro and Flavio where also in the middle of the mess. Everyone was so excited that we went to the bedroom. I couldn't wait to see my girlfriend fucked by someone else, that turned me on as hell! No one came, but we enjoyed every little second of all those bodies, touching skin never touched, feeling different tastes, different smells.
Back home, me and Natalia fucked as if we have never had sex before, all night long. Seeing each other with another person was extremely stimulating, it was new fire for our relationship!