She Got Me I Got Her

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sextastic

My friend is very wealthy and we been friends for years even longer than he has known his fiance. Well, his fiance hates him hanging out with anyone but her and he puts up with it because she is sexy as fuck! She reminds me of Rubi from the Mexican soap opera... Anyway since she gives me such a hard time about hanging out with my best friend that I don't see very often, I only see maybe once a month. So I mess with her back with sexual comments. Like her tits getting hard stuff like that. It gets under her nerves! Well, my friend told me to take off Friday and hang all weekend at his place. We hadn't hung out like that long in years! We got very busy in life with our careers. Well, I show up and of course his fiance crashes the party... And the banter between us begins... It wasnt extreme she just said things to urk me and threw digs my way at times... So I did the sexual comments that urked her. She hated that! Well, then she decided to turn the tables around on me! Since she knew I thought she was hot, she came up straight to me and lift her shirt exposing her breasts! Told me to take a long good look because I will never have her... I was shocked... Her breasts were nice and natural! It sucked! She teased me anytime I used the restroom about masturbating to the thought of her... She kept exposing herself more at different times. She even sunbathed nude! Would even bend over in skirts exposing her vagina. My friend saw how much she messed with me and came up with a plan to get her back. She had a fantasy of blindfolded sex. Well, he pretended I left early so she wouldn't suspect anything. She got fully naked on the bed wearing a blindfold. He told her he would film their sex tape and they would watch it the next day and he wanted to hear everything on her mind during sex. As I entered her she moaned!! She complimented my skills in bed, explained how great my cock was, how deeply she wanted me, it was so funny and hot! I now have a video of her saying how much she wants me! She even accidentally blurted my name too!! She didn't know it was me either! Her fiancé asked how she felt about me. She said I drive her crazy! He asked how so, she said sometimes she wants to slap me and other times she wants to fuck me but that I don't have the balls to do it. Oh was this payback! His fiancé asked him to invite me back and play their sextape in front of me to show me what I will never get... I come over and she's prepared to see me frustrated and then notices I am fucking her in that video! She was speechless!! So embarrassed!! Couldn't stop watching! And I teased her about all she said about me in bed! She had no comebacks... Just said wow... Then told me she will stop fighting with me if I would just fuck her again! Her fiance said this be the final time and to get it fully out of our systems... She bit her lip and smiled she had an idea of making one very romantic and sensual sextape of us on the couch, by the pool, in the jacuzzi, shower, and bed.