Sexual Tensions

A Sexual Fantasy

— By OurStories

It may just be me, but ever had the slightest curiosity or fantasy of an unexpected orgy? Imagine for a moment being with your spouse and being long time friends with some very attractive couples.

Unlike porn, where it goes straight to the sex without true foreplay or connection, these are people you know, you have a history, chemistry, and a curiosity. This is a real, raw, primal emotion, kept at bay by the bands on your fingers. Imagine one night the tensions build during a game night with these couples, sexual innuendos are made, captilized on in a way forbidden opportunies are available to you and others, the thrill, the laughter, the shyness, the embarrassment, the getting too carried away, the restraint of trying to hide desires, those who crave attention, those who want to give attention, the mixed feelings and reminders of the wedding bands on their fingers, the horniness and sexual arousal awaken in everyone, the good girl or good guy escalating their sexual tensions along side some more wilder spouses. Then imagine the sexual frustration everyone is having by holding some restraint, their barriers coming down slowly by surely. But just cant seem to cross that line though. However, what if the one thing holding everyone back just came off for one night? No wedding bands, no restrictions. Just pure sexual bliss! This is more passionate and silly than dirty. There is a classiness, a respect and honesty and real communication in a visually and verbally stimulating enviroment. You hear people talking like great friends in a silly way. All in a safe stress free beautiful place. Every wife getting a chance to pair up with every husband and every husband with every wife. Some taking on multiples, some wives taking on three husbands at a time in a foursome and some husbands taking on being scissored by two wives in a threesome. One being endowed enough to be scissored and fucked by three wives, two scissoring, one being penetrated in a foursome. Imagine one husband can't control it and ends up creaming his friend's wife's vagina, leading to an increase of sexual liberty for the other wives and husbands willing to do the same! Imagine having one night between close friends filled with explicit: passion, silliness, sensuality; that becomes a thrilling, banging night to remember!