Sex on the Slopes

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Haley

It was early December and my life was at a standstill. I hated my job and living situation. So I did what any sane Idahoan would do and fled to the mountains. I got a job at a premier ski resort and began my reign as the Queen of the Sex Slopes. As an employee, I saw many single men cycle through to get their snowboarding fix. Sure, I had wild nights with some of them but everything changed after I met Bruce. He wasn't the typical ski bum; he was a little clumsy. Bruce had long, curly hair that got me so wet. He had a striking smile and the most perfect eyelashes I have ever seen. When I passed him in the lodge, I could see his package bulge before his eyes darted away from me. I fantasized about passing him one day and pulling him close to sneak a kiss. I could imagine his pillow soft lips all over me. One day while he was returning from the hot tub, I asked him for help with the vending machine. Once the door closed, I pounced on him and we began to make out intensely. He passionately kissed his way down my chest and then the door busted open. It was my boss. I was fired. Oops.