RE : WIND (rewind)

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Kit

where we are sitting, the salty sea air is filled with sounds of birds, lovers, children, music and laughter as Mr Sun brilliantly occupies his rightful place in the skies

quietly, side by side we gaze desperately out into the mass of humanity all around... we find each other now under a cool shadow of the sunbrella overhead the perfect spot among the crowds now located -- it had been a little while since our last planned adventure and the excitement had found its way running up and down my spine -- mmmm, o yes, i shiver to recall that evening sunset when it was only us two, our feet sinking into the sandy shore as the ocean waters caress our toes... hand in hand the romance consumes our manners ...we forgot the world in that moment with wet skin getting attention - innocent breeze takes wavy curls as a new flavor is created, a special mix of hot oil sun protection, aloe vera gel and honey....

nectar begins to seep out into my bikini bottom, i pause in that moment taking in a delicious smile slowly coming into view - full lips wait in sweet suspense for the perfect timing of a signature smooch - both hands at the ready ...oh how they will roam, exploring, sensing, pulsing deep with energies bursting to the surface

suddenly gasping for air as if being woken from fantasy... love sweeps in to overwhelm all senses, a swirl of dizziness took a swing at me only to miss as i slip into his being  "my sleeping beauty"  he speaks in kisses, kisses, more kisses - yes, down there in the southern region of my golden flower box - "my mermaid" he whispers with tongue going gentle in sucking, drinking and licking... tender bites to my delicate folds, ever so softly almost feather-like bringing me deeper, higher, covered in a wickedness known only to rare few - stroking begins with a mouthful of "my lover girl, honey" palming ensues along our sacred space... "hold me darling" i hear my own voice, panting the words out ...such a moment i dreamed of as a teen-aged innocent now in full blown manifestation

my man then morphs into some type of divine angelic beast oozing of fire, heat, warmth and light - he is wrapped in natural clean, savior-like courage that he discovered:  his very own secret weapon - waves crash as gasps can be felt not just taking the breath with it each time, but also allowing consciousness to disappear in a sensation of flight...

endless pleasure brings a darkness in freedom and with it a true release from ALL form of structure, purpose or prior knowledge... we reach for one another again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and...  my pussy has never felt so satisfied and then it comes flooding back that i have tendency to say that each time we meet in 5D

tu me manques