On The Lake

A Sexual Fantasy

— By deepseadiver

I met a beautiful Irish boy this summer, I knew he wasn’t right for me, but the sex was the best I have ever had. On one occasion, his buddy (who owned a rental company) lent him a boat and we took it out for the afternoon. It was the sweetest date, and there weren’t many people on the lake. He went out just far enough that anyone on the shore wouldn’t be able to see us very clearly, and we started making out. He propped me up on his lap, I was straddling him in my dress. As the boat rocked with the waves, I rode his lap, feeling his hard cock on my pussy, I couldn’t help but wonder if anyone could see us. He reached behind me and between my legs and slid my underwear to the side, playing with my clit until I was soaking wet. I hugged my arms around him tight as he played with my pussy from behind. I pictured passers by becoming aroused as they listened to my moaning. After I came, I pulled his cock out of his pants and let him feel my cum all over his hard cock. We fucked on the lake until he came, and then we went back to shore.