Nerds do it better

A Sexual Fantasy

— By LauraC.

I'm studying philosophy and I took the habit of studying in the university's department because of the great number of hot Ph.D students and researchers working there. It's true: philosophers are kinda nerds. But before you fuck my pussy you have to fuck my brain! Most of all I fantasize about the hot librarian working in the department: he could be in his 30s, classy look, wild hair... We speak to each other using the "polite form" (we says "dare del lei" in italian), saying "mister" and "miss" and calling each other by surname. And this is so exciting! I never had sex speaking to my partner in this way... its what it would feel like to be in an old italian sexy movie! I pretend to be completely involved on my reading of Hanna Arendt but I watch him reorder the library and the books with his big sexy hands, and I wish his fingers were on my pale skin. I don't leave the department until closure, then I gave him back the book and he always asks me something about it. I'm specializing in gender studies, and maybe a day we'll discuss about how Freud and Kant's theories about sexuality are so antifeminist (they said women shouldn't have sex out of marriage and that they can't reach orgasm without penetration). I wish he took me on the table of his office throwing down all the books on it, while I innocently say "oh no, we shouldn't do it in here" and he would unbotton my jeans and fuck me laying on my back, holding my neck and asking me if I want to stop yet, but I just moan. Ain't no better way to confute Freud and Kant's theories making great rough quick sex!