Liveliness Drawing

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Coreopsis

I remember an entry from a collection of art-related New Yorker cartoons, showing a man and woman doing nude art of each other—simultaneously (each leaning to the side of their double easel to check details). So I have thought of two artists who have been a couple for some time going to a cottage at a secluded islet, pond, or such every now and again to practice painting and relax—with no clothes, jewelry, or makeup guaranteed to be anywhere on them for the entire 100+-hour stretch, if on them at all. They’re each other’s preferred life art subject, after all, what with being completely comfortable with each other. While the precise art isn’t fully realized in my mind, ideas include not just using each other’s bodies as canvases on occasion, but the woman wanting to draw the man flaccid…and he’s erect. And she’s not averse to softening him the “inefficient” way…