The Forbidden One

A Sexual Fantasy

— By irfa118

In class there were two guys who sat behind me in lecture. They were roommates and good friends. They both had a crush on me. One of them was engaged (more mature and a bit nerdy) and I had sex with the one who was single (funny and more athletic). I always had a fantasy about the one who was engaged after I had sex with the single one. The engaged one doesn’t know we had sex, so it was fun keeping it a secret while we had sex in the room next door. The one who was engaged always makes pancakes and I just imagine myself going to their place while the single one is sleeping and the engaged one making pancakes for me. We would have amazing sex one night while his roommate is sleeping and his best friend and fiancé would never know. It would be so wrong, but so right after we had eyed each other for so long. Both of the roommates would not know that they fucked the same girl.