florence will envy our debauchery

A Sexual Fantasy

— By ruy

On our last night in Florence, my fiancée and I decided to have a little "drunk moment" in the hostel. After buying a bottle of vodka, we returned to our room. But we realized that had forgotten to buy cups as well. We thought about asking the girl at reception, she should have some plastic cups. We went to the desk. There, Pietra the receptionist was surprised, since it was so late. We did not talk much, ubt she knew what we were going to do, which wasn't allowed in the hostel. However, Pietra was extremely helpful and gave us cups without a problem.

As we thanked her and went to return to our room, Pietra asked if we were having a party. We said we were. Then she asked, "can guests come to this party?". I did not want to ruin the evening for my fiancée, and prudently waited for her reaction. I never expected her response: "Of course. Okay with you, Dear?"

Despite the nervousness that gripped me, I went quietly into the room and started opening the bottle. It would be my liquid courage for whatever was about to happen that strange night. In less than an hour, the three of us drank the whole bottle of vodka. We bought more. And after almost two bottles of vodka, we no longer knew what we were doing: our naked bodies sweaty, in motion, seeking solely pleasure.

That night, Florence (a symbol of freedom and debauchery in 15th century Europe), envied us and our lust within that small, dingy hostel. We belonged to each other, by the end of that hot Italian night.