The Cold Call / Hot Call Game

A Sexual Fantasy

— By senorladron

Both me and my girlfriend works as freelancers within the cultural area, and for practical reasons we are both registered with our separate companies. Having your own company also means that a lot of telemarketing people can find your phone number; there are all kinds of weird stuff and services they try to persuade you into buying. It used to be a drag with all these calls, but one day cold calls turned into hot calls, because my girlfriend decided to answer the phone while I was giving her oral sex. (We happen to have sex for lunch quite often, as we both share the same home office). She tried as best as she could to be polite and talk in a normal voice to the sales guy in the other end, but as she got closer and closer to climax she struggled more and more with paying attention to what he was saying. Needless to say, she finally answered YES!! to his question about buying some kind of useless ad campaign. However, we both found it extremely arousing that she was talking to a person that had no idea that her clitoris was swollen, that her juices were flowing and that I had three fingers inside her, so we decided to make a game out of it: Every time one of us receives a cold call, the other person has to start giving oral sex to the one receiving the call, which in turn has to babble along and try to make the call last. And we win the game if we can make it to climax without the telemarketing person hanging up un us, or managing to sell us something. So from that day our climax scream turned from a "OH YESSSS!" to a "OH GOD NOOO, I'M NOT INTERESTED AFTER AAAAALLL!!!" Who knew telemarketing could be so fun?