Can I kiss your girlfriend?

A Sexual Fantasy

— By zysko

Some years ago I had an open relationship with my girlfriend, meaning she and I could flirt and fuck with other people as long as we always told each other. Sometimes we would have "official lover" ... the third one was special.
I met her 2 years into my relationship with my girlfriend, who was out of the country to study and travel for 2 weeks. However, it was not our best moment, as she had met someone there and was thinking of staying longer. I told my new lover about my girlfriend, and about our open relationship. I told her how my girlfriend was bisexual and she was very interested. My girlfriend came back soon after and we reconciled. I told her about my lover, whom I had been meeting once a week.

One night, I went out for the night with my girlfriend ... and in the after-hours club, we ran into my lover. She came over, and the first thing she said was, "Is this your girlfriend? Can I kiss her?" And I answered, "ask her not me!" She asked with big soft, longing eyes and my girlfriend began to kiss her with sensuality. We were in a gay club, so no one really noticed until the three of us began to kiss. One guy even came up and whispered, "when I grow up, I wanna be like you!" Finally, we all went back to my house, but they asked me if I minded sleeping in the other room, so that they could get to know each other better. Obviously I am a gentleman, and slept alone and left to dream about them.

I woke up that afternoon and made breakfast. I brought the food into the girls' room to wake them up. I normally make breakfast for my girlfriend, but it was a surprise for my lover. They made me join them in bed and we three had hours of sensual sex, giving and receiving pleasure to and from everyone. It was so wonderful and the meal had to wait!