The Amsterdam Experience

A Sexual Fantasy

— By wellkeptsecret

My boyfriend and I were studying abroad in London during our third year of college. We were 21 and finally got to be together for more than a week for the first time in three years. We had always been sexually exploratory in our positions and trying things like anal and the use of toys. Even though I am straight I had always had this fantasy of what it would be like to be with another woman and my boyfriend knew this. We decided to travel to Amsterdam for the weekend before we went back to the U.S. I have to admit that walking through the Red Light District got me aroused looking at all the women with perfect breasts and nice round asses. We jokingly talked about having a threesome while we were in a place where sex is more openly talked about and accepted but I think we both knew we were being serious deep down. So, we decided to go to a sex club with the intentions to just see what it's like and experience something we knew would never be available again. We met a young couple who were a few years older than us walking into the club and could tell they were also nervous Americans up for exploring all Amsterdam has to offer. After talking to them and another couple who were in their mid thirties, we all decided to get a room. It all happened so quickly. We all began kissing our significant others and then as soon as I knew it the younger guy we had first met was digging his hands into my back as I was frantically rubbing my pussy all over his hard dick. I was getting so turned on by the forcefulness in his grip of my waist as we kissed and I felt how wet bouncing on his dick made me. I whispered to him "Can I taste her" referring to his girlfriend who was sucking off the older guy. She tasted so good and I could tell I was making her feel good as she moaned while she was blowing the other man. After that, I finally got to live my fantasy when I caressed and sucked on the round tits of the older woman. It all felt so natural and comfortable within our little orgy I couldn't believe it. I've never cum so hard.