My Play Toy

BY Ray
Confess Your Erotic Fantasy

My dream is to have a man around at all times for all my desires. I want to explore his body. I want to try tying up his balls, pegging, nipple play, things that I want to try, but other men are too insecure. I want to give a handjob while watching tv, I want to straddle his face when I'm in the bathroom getting ready for work, whatever MY desires are. I want to flip the script. All the mainstream porn is just a female object and a man with desire. I want to be the one with the desire that demands to be satisfied.

Your Comments

  • 123Moondog
    Please, do !
  • hanonata
    Oh yes.
Image credits
One cold rainy day in November 2015 I sat down at my desk, opened a very new Moleskine and drew the first @a_for_art girl. Since then, I draw almost every day. When my followers ask me I used to say that my style came to me from the space. I believe that being unique in the art is very important. It’s not only about making a pretty picture. Art for me is sharing with the world your view on the beauty. And yes, I want people to recognize my illustrations even without a signature. Women’s bodies are the main source of my inspiration. Naked, in lingerie, dressed, relaxed, posed, all shapes, colors and volumes. I can’t believe how beautiful they all are and it gives me desire to create again and again. I prefer to draw amateur girls, not professional models, because I appreciate their natural beauty and pure sensuality. Turning real girls into art. That’s what makes me happy.

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