It hurts so good

BY Sizzles
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When I’ve went to a Tattoo Studio in Berlin for the first time, I was overwhelmed by that subculture. Sometimes, I imagine being in an artsy studio, with diverse tattoo artists from different cultural and sexual backgrounds, all having interesting personalities. I’m a bit scared because of the pain that is going to come but when the artist starts inking me I feel that it hurts so good. I grab the tattooers arm because of the pain and he smiles. He keeps on tattooing me and eventually his colleague is coming over, starting to touch me whilst I am getting tattooed.

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  • bluesky27
    I feel this! my first tattoo was like a tantric experience for me and ever since I've been so much more interested in BDSM. The pain and the breathing and the pleasure!
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ERRESULLALUNA and Chuli Paquin have lived and worked together in Parma, Italy, since 2012. Their pictures capture a symbolic moment when the models are no longer themselves, but become performers of their ideas and stories. They are fascinated by mythological issues, classicism and consciousness; by the banal equivalence of every human body and their paradoxical uniqueness.

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