(Your/My) Worldview

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Fermina

I meet him at a hotel room. On my knock he opens the door and immediately puts a blindfold on me while I’m still standing in the hallway. I hear footsteps pass behind me before he leads me into the room.

I stand in the room where he’s left me, waiting, hearing nothing but our excited breathing. He lets me stand there for minutes until finally approaching to remove my clothing, pulling everything off roughly and quickly before grabbing my wrists and binding them together. My body is pliant and I move as he guides me to.

He lifts me up and carries me to a different part of the room setting me down so that my bare ass is on the cold glass of the coffee table. He rearranges me so that I am kneeling on the table. I feel his hands between my legs as he slides two fingers in to make sure I’m wet. Then he spreads my lips, guiding my hips until I feel a dildo pressing into me. He pushes me down onto it making me gasp and moan loudly. Moving my hips for a few moments he shows me the rhythm and speed he wants me to follow.

Then his hands disappear. Riding a dildo, knowing he’s watching me but I can’t see him makes me lose control. I keep riding practically screaming with pleasure, unaware that he has slid under the table and is watching me from below as he strokes his cock. I hear his muffled groans become quicker.

Suddenly his breath is in my ear as he bends me over, sliding his cock into my ass he begins pumping to the rhythm I’ve established so that I am filled in both holes simultaneously. I can tell he is close as his cock swells inside me and his breathing gets faster so I start to rub my hard clit, wanting for us both to cum at the same time as we move together. I feel the warmth of his cum in my ass just as waves of orgasm start deep in my pussy.

When we’ve finished he lifts me up and off the dildo, taking me to the soft bed where we lay together until our breathing slows. Finally he takes the blindfold off so I can see him and we kiss for the first time.