They say yoga leads to better sex...

A Sexual Fantasy

— By SteelerBoy

A married woman in her 60s attends a weekend yoga program. Most attendees are women her age except for a couple of men in their 30s--good looking and well built. She has a vaguely interested eye on them, but suspects they might be gay. Turns out that she and they are the only people spending one more night at the retreat before leaving the next day. She spends the afternoon around the pool talking to the two guys and checking them out even further; they make plans for dinner. She mentions this to her husband when she calls him to say hi. He says that it sounds like some of the fantasies he's had about her -maybe she ought to think about living this one out, in effect giving her permission. In getting ready for the evening, she pleasures herself but not to climax and puts on her sexiest panties and high heel sandals. At the banquette seating during dinner, she is flirtatious, running her tongue over her lips, etc. Eventually her hand wanders to their chests and thighs, and they take turns kissing her. Emboldened by her husband's permission, she goes to her room with them and they spend the night making love to her on her king bed. She is completely turned on, having two cocks to play with. The story ends with her describing everything in detail to her husband at home. It is not clear if the sex ever happened or if she is just turning her husband on with the thought of it.