That's how you please a girl

A Sexual Fantasy

— By orangy

It doesn't matter the who or the how, all that matters is the fulfillment.

It starts in a dark upscale contemporary hotel. I'm in the room with the lights out and two envelopes at the front counter. One has my husbands name on it, the other with his name on it. They have explicit instructions to retrieve the room key and come on up. Neither are aware of the other will be joining, but they know each other.

He arrives first and makes his way upstairs, he's caressing my neck from behind and fondling my breasts while I'm stroking his cock when my husband arrives.

Husband watches for a few minutes while his throbbing cock shows through his pants.

He comes towards us and starts caressing my neck simultaneously. I take turns kissing them, and eventually they meet between my legs, licking my clit together - a dream come true.

After a while, they take turns entering my wet pussy and then he starts licking my clit while my husband deep inside of me - heaven. They take turns, licking and fucking, different positions including 69. Multiple orgasms for me, they both finish inside.

I want it again, I can't go back, not sure if I'll be the same...