A Sexual Fantasy

— By hrs@india

He drifted to the other side of the bed and I chased him, slowly we moved into a tangled position. After his penis sucked the semen from me he moaned and closed his eyes, my bum was hanging over the side of the bed and bouncing up and down. I was playing with his chest hairs using my toes. Then I rolled over and he decided to do push ups. We were clenching our thighs and he was trying to thrust inside me as much as possible, this went on until I pulled him close by wrapping my lower leg around him while the other leg was still over his hip. He was gently licking my neck and nipples. We went on enjoying that Sunday afternoon and this led to a situation where I was lying on my back and he was entering from the side, as I had already started trying to take control over him.
We both stood up and I shoved him down onto the bed and straddled him, his legs were wrapped over mine this time. We were slowly gaining pace. Perhaps he needed access to my vagina and breasts together now, this will stimulate him again. So I held his neck and made him rise up. I climbed onto his lap, kneeling with my legs outside his and looked deep into his eyes and started riding my wild horse. For next few moments, we couldn't sense anything in this universe apart from us. We were totally lost in one another.
We were both too excited, he wanted to make me feel relaxed, his hands were rubbing my clitoris and taking me from behind at the same time. By this time we had already shifted into doggy style. I could control the speed and depth when we moved to reverse cowgirl.
I was moaning and closed my eyes for some time. He slowly embraced me by my waist. I could understand that his drenched penis was getting hard. So turned around and started stimulating him. He looked deep into my eyes and kissed me everywhere. Our sleeping position, which involved some serious butt-to-penis contact, was actually defining our relationship now, he was enveloping me in a way that felt intimate.