A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lady Stellamaris

A room lit only by candlelight. Soft music is playing- angelic harps, wordless voices, etc. A sense of peace and calm fills the air. I recline, naked, upon a velvet blanket, pressed up against the voluptuous earth-mother who has prepared me for this. I settle into her curves, as she places her warm hands on my shoulders and massages them, releasing any tension I might feel in anticipation of the experience to come. Three figures, clad in hooded robes, enter the room. Two come to my sides, the third to my feet, and they let their robes fall as they kneel in their places. They have come to worship me, to offer me the release from all but my own needs. The two at my sides are women, the one at my feet, a man. All three open a fragrant oil; they proceed to massage my body with it, warming my body with their movements. I relax deeper into the space, enjoying every sensation. My body begins to awaken in response to their touch, and I breathe deeply, letting go of any remaining tension in me. Wordlessly communicating, the three stop their massages. The two women lean in towards me, each taking a breast in her hands and placing her mouth on the nipple. They gently tease and suck as they squeeze my breasts. I can feel the desire in me building, as I moan softly and arch my back slightly, Their hair feels soft against my bare skin. The man has been watching, and he speaks one word, "Goddess," softly, reverently, yet with authority, a call for me to open my eyes and meet his gaze. His eyes lock with mine, radiating reverence, appreciation, and love, and he smiles. Then he, too, lowers himself, and begins to massage my yoni. His fingers are warm, firm, and confident, yet gentle, as they tease and explore my most sacred place. I close my eyes once more, moaning louder, as I register each sensation, feeling my wetness and hearing the slip of his fingers. I raise my hips slightly, letting my legs fall open, and he places two of his fingers inside me, filling my aching yoni. Then, he brings his lips to my most sensitive spot and begins to work magic on me, He knows just the right combination of licks, flicks, and sucks to build the feelings within me. Slowly, he teases, while the women continue to caress and enjoy my breasts. I am rising, rising, feelings of heat and dizziness radiating from my clitoris and beyond. I try to breathe deeper despite my body's involuntary panting. I keep rising as he teases, building my anticipation further and further, until I am afraid I cannot stand it. Cupping my buttocks with his free hand, he presses his mouth firmer into me, and with one last, slow suck, sends me over the edge into an orgasm that seems timeless. My body shakes and my limbs stretch out with the radiating feeling of energy and warmth throughout me. He allows me some time to bask in the feeling, and then begins again to bring me to several more orgasms, each more beautiful than the last. I have been worshipped.