Working “Hard”

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Rondesvou

Monday morning.. no one likes Monday mornings.. the only thought that gets me out of bed is knowing that I’m about to join a hot personal trainer for a 50min workout session.

As I am Getting ready, I am reminded of his body.. his voice, his touch.. just the right amount of guide.. leaving me always wanting more. But this is a professional relationship. I’m there to work out.. why am I dreaming of him taking me on every piece of equipment. I shouldn’t.. but I am. He makes passes at me, tells me how nice my ass is, but I wouldn’t.. I can’t. I’m in a committed relationship. But something about his touch, his voice, his body, makes me want him.

I check in for my session. No one has arrived yet, just me. As we wait, he tells me he needs to remind me of what good posture is all about. He bends me.. just enough to stroke his body on mine. I’m aroused.. I’m wet.. what do I do?! Is this wrong?! As I make my way back up and closer to his body, flashes of my boyfriend begin to interfere with the moment, but not enough to stop me. He asks.. do you mind if I close the door? I just nod.. my eyes say it all. He locks the door.. it’s just us.. no one else.

As he begins to make his way to me, he starts to touch himself. Soon, he presses himself up against me and he begins to kiss my body.. every single detail.. just little by little. Suddenly, I hear a key.. panic rushes through my body. Will someone catch us?! To my surprise, it’s my boyfriend. He too, starts to make his way to me.. and as my trainer is touching me and fingering me, my boyfriend starts to make his way up my body too. Gosh.. did he hear me? Did I accidentally dream this out loud?!

They both start doing me.. back, front, it all goes. Their bodies pressed against mine.. over all the equipment. Hard, soft, gentle, rough.. What a dream.. suddenly, my alarm goes off. It’s Monday morning.