The woman, the girl and the follower

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Qandisa

It was not the end of summer or beginning of winter, but spring in my sex life. I am a girl, a very feminine one and I like girls. I like tall, masculine, feminine, the strong older one or the chirpy young one. I was in my sophomore days and was constantly having girl trouble. I was so much in love with this girl, I guess we were both in love but somewhere she fell out of it.

I was hurt and in pain, with phone calls never returned back. I had a friend, an older woman. I found a crying shoulder and some days I used to visit and talk to her about my pain. She used to counsel me, but was more interested in the sex I had with my girlfriend. She used to ask me how I sucked and kissed her nipples, how I took her clothes off. I somehow enjoyed explaining it to her. She asked me to have a very steamy affair to get over her, I did not understand her idea, but looking back now I do... she was asking me to sleep with her.

She had touched me now and then, especially coming from behind and holding me by my waist. One day my ex girlfriend called me back asking me how I was doing, I was thrilled to hear her voice. She was nice but said that she couldn´t come back into my life anymore, that hurt me. Heart broken I went to the older woman seeking refuge for my pain. After seeing me in such sorrow she called both of us to talk.

The conversation began well between three of us. The older woman poured us wine and drank herself, we were laughing and having fun in no time. She got up and went into the kitchen to do the dishes, my ex followed her as a helping hand. Some time passed by and I got impatient, so I walked into the kitchen.

I saw my ex sucking the older woman's breast as she softly moaned. I was not annoyed just turned on, my ex took off the older woman's panties and asked me to go down on her, she was so wet. I gladly did. All three of us made love the whole night. We left the house the next morning promising never to talk to each other and keep this a secret until now.