I'm With the Band

A Sexual Fantasy

— By wowanothergroupie

I feel that this is such an old and typical story, but I love musicians. Recently I've kind of fallen in lust with this band called The Strypes. They're young, Irish, and play upbeat blues rock. Along with putting out genuinely enjoyable music, they post short funny vlogs about life on the road. Their Irish humour and dedication to their craft is such a turn on. A couple months back they played a gig in my town and I went to see them. Seeing them live was such bliss, the rhythm of the bass and drums paired with the loud distorted guitar and the singer's beautiful voice made me want to rush the stage a kiss all of them (mainly the singer and the bassist though). Even though it's been a few months I still get this reoccurring dream: After the show I get called back stage because they saw my blue hair in the crowd wildly thrashing about as I danced to the rhythms they produced and they wanted to show their appreciation for my obvious love of their music.