With My Girls

A Sexual Fantasy

— By VeronikaRuss

It was just another get-together with my two girl–friends from university.
After lunch, we threw ourselves on the sofa and started drinking wine and talking about our lives. The soft background music made that moment really comfortable and intimate. The atmosphere was perfect.
One of my friends told us she had sex with another woman. She said it felt amazing, better than any other sexual encounter she had ever had with a man. She recommended us to try it.
Suddenly, the possibility came to our minds: “What if…” we suggested playfully. Tension started to grow between the three of us. We looked at each other with curiosity and fear.
I explored the possibility with my imagination. Tried to think about the three of us, letting ourselves go to the pleasure of having a lesbic threesome. I had never had sex with a woman (or a threesome) but I was willing to explore my sexuality for the first time… I imagined kissing my friends. Touching them. I had never licked a pussy before – and I wondered how it’d taste like…
I really liked the idea, and wanted it to happen. I got completely lost into my imagination, and those thoughts made me feel horny.
Suddenly, one of my friends giggled loudly. The tension vanished. She was clearly attracted by the possibility, but also scared of it. We all laughed and let the moment pass…
Since that day, I day dream about all the things that could have happened, and hope that the next time it will happen for good.