the Wildest West, or a Roof Top in Paris

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Friederica

My fantasy is always the same but the costumes change. Sometimes I am a whore in the American wild west and sometimes I am an artist in bohemian Paris. I am always wearing lace and velvet and I am always with an unnamed woman and my husband. First it is me and her and he is left alone to watch and squirm. She is always buxom with long dark curly hair and she has large skirts on that she has to gather and lift to expose her cunt, as her breasts heave out of her bodice. I am almost always on my back, though sometimes I am against a wall. At some point she has a strap on and she is inside me, her breasts in my face, and then my husband is behind her and we are a throbbing trio of penetration until I can't bear it anymore and I come. I love it, it's my favorite and most used fantasy.