Wife’s fantasy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mjack

My wife and I have always enjoyed watching porn. Back in the pre-internet days we occasionally would invite a few friends from work, some married, some not, over to watch porn that we rented from the local adult video store. I suspected she had a threesome fantasy before but she never confessed to it. But on this cold winter night the planets aligned I guess.

We had invited another couple, a female friend of ours and a couple of male friends. But as of the time my wife got off work snow was coming down and everyone but one of our male friends backed out. My wife went home and was going to fix dinner for the three of us. Jim, the third wheel, if you will got off a tad earlier than me. I got a call from one of the other invitees and he said Jim was going to try to take my wife to bed tonight. I wasn’t worried as I trusted her.

As I found out later, he did show up early and he did flirt with her, complimented her beauty and gave her a little back rub briefly while she was in the kitchen but nothing more. But that may have peaked her interest though.

Anyway, I got home, we ate and sat down to watch the movie I rented. Ironically it had a wife who was interested in a friend as the plot line. Midway through the movie my wife stepped out, and unbeknownst to me at the time undressed, touched herself a bit and put on a bathrobe with nothing underneath. She lay on the couch under a blanket and watched the movie, and mine and Jim’s erections pressing against our jeans while she fingered her pussy. The movie ended and Jim left. I went to the couch to kiss her and put my hands on her body and was shocked that she was naked and she had soaked the couch. She confessed that she wanted us both. I had her call Jim immediately before he could get home. He came back quickly.

She undressed him after he entered our room kissing him all over. He laid her on the bed and ate her out while she sucked my cock. Then he moved to the top and she sucked both of us. I then fucked her while she alternated between sucking his cock and kissing him until I shot my load. Then he took her doing 3 different positions finishing with him on top, me holding her hand as he came all over her belly. What a night that was!