Why I Paid for XConfessions

A Sexual Fantasy

— By witch_trials

I have followed Owen Gray since reentering the camming world two years ago. I originally started camming 19 years ago when it wasn't so competitive. He epitomizes all that I would want in a sexual partner. Tender, intelligent, artistic and dominant. I have watched some of his scenes for free on free porn sites, but I do know that sex work is important and valuable to our world, and so is monetary appreciation for the amount of work it takes. I no longer cam as I found it degrading, unlike what I see in your work. I fantasize about being fucked by my boyfriend and Owen at the same time, taking him in my nearly virgin ass, and can't wait to see the films he is in on this site. Thank you for being a woman director. I can only hope at one point in my life I will get to direct and produce a film that shows sex the way I want it as a submissive feminist. That is my fantasy. Directing, and then being pulled into the scene....