Whose Hands Are Those?

A Sexual Fantasy

— By nomadiclover

My girlfriend, Sam, and I enjoy sharing fantasies. Tied-up and blindfolded whilst the other has their naughty way, was a favourite. Sam also enjoys my fantasy of a threesome with a stranger but felt a bit insecure about carrying it out. One day, I get a text from her to come straight home after work. I rushed home and into the bedroom. I spotted a gift box on the bed. Inside was a pair of fluffy handcuffs, a blindfold and a note with instructions to send her a text telling her I was home. Then I was to get naked, put on the blindfold and handcuff myself to the bed. No matter what happened in the next hours, I was not to speak a word. I did as instructed and waited. Some minutes later, Sam came through the front door of the house and into the bedroom. I kept quiet as I heard her clothes come off. She kissed me on the lips and started making her way down my body. I was aching to touch her but was also enjoying the helplessness of being tied up. I thought this was her plan for the rest of the evening. But suddenly I felt another pair of hands on my body. Two fingers touched my lips and I heard two “shhhhs!” before I could say anything. Sam whispered “Remember, no talking, my darling”. It all became a blur as Sam and her friend licked, stroked and sucked my body and each others from the sounds of it. They took off my handcuffs and guided me over and into them. As I couldn’t see Sam or her friend, it felt like a fantasy. But, at the same time, it was real. My desperate need to take the blindfold off, combined with the ecstasy I was feeling was making the whole experience that much more erotic and dream-like. Eventually, our visitor quietly got dressed and left. I felt Sam’s hands reach up and take the blindfold off. I saw that beautiful face with a smile from ear to ear. I was speechless. To this day, Sam has not revealed who our visitor was. Sometimes when out with her friends, I wonder if it was one of them. Sam can see what I’m thinking. She just laughs her wonderful laugh and keeps the identity of our sexy surprise visitor to herself.