White Mistress

A Sexual Fantasy

— By White Mistress

Here is some background story and context;

I'm a 22 year old blonde, blue eyed, fair skinned, curvy Australian woman dating a sexy golden-brown skinned 27 year old Punjabi (North Indian) man. We have a strong, healthy relationship full of love and laughter.

My brother and I check charity bins each Sunday (it's legal to take stuff that is laying on the ground outside the bins as it's legally "litter"), one particular Sunday, on a very rainy night, most things were ruined. I found an unscathed Sherwani (Punjabi wedding garment for men) outside the bin in perfect condition. We have been talking about marriage and I felt it was a sign from God that I happen to find that in the streets of Tasmania. That was the only thing we found that night and my brother and I parted ways.


Since finding the Sherwani I have a role play fantasy I would LOVE to make a reality. I want him to be dressed in the sherwani and I'll be dressed in a really sultry, sexy, classy dress. I want to role play that I'm the white mistress that took the good traditional Punjabi man from his Sikh wedding. After passionate and exhilarating love filled sex I would love if the scene cut to him and I getting married in the mysteriously found sherwani and I'd be wearing traditional garb as well.

Thanks for reading,