Whisky and Squeezes

A Sexual Fantasy

— By tysonslover

After making himself a drink, her husband grabbed her hand and led her to the living room and said "get naked: I want to look at you". After undressing, he told her to lay down and spread her legs, and she did. He then tied her wrists to her ankles so she was not able to move or cover herself up.
She laid exposed and vulnerable in front of him. He did not say a word. Just sat there and looked at her while he drank his whiskey. Slowly. Never taking his eyes off her. When his glass was empty, he took the whiskey balls he had used to cool his drink out and kneeled in front of her. He teased her by putting a finger in her pussy. He then pushed both of the balls into her while she moaned from their coolness. Once they were deep inside her he began teasing her with his mouth. Sensing that she was ready to cum, he stopped. Once she calmed down, he began eating her wet pussy again. This time he didn't stop and let her cum. She begged for him to take the balls out, but he refused. He untied her and made her get on her knees. He stood in front of her and shoved his hard dick in her mouth. She gladly took it and began squeezing his balls. She gladly swallowed every drop while looking up at him.