While she coocked dinner

A Sexual Fantasy

— By tom70dev

Finally my work day has come to an end and I'm climbing the stairs to our old but delicately renovated apartment in a very hip Viennese district. I could use the elevator but I prefer walking which helps me stay fit. While ringing the bell I'm wondering what dinner my wife might have cocked this evening for us as she had the day off. However, the door doesn't open and I use my key. As I open the door I can smell some delicious meal already prepared. And I can see my wife, naked on the rug of our cosy vestibule, touching herself and moaning. WHAT A SIGHT. I'm not saying a word but putting her on some high heels from the shoe rack and start eating her pussy. Later she will slowly undress me and putting a hat on my had and we will making love in front of our big mirror next do the front door.