Where people grind their bodies together

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lonicera

We are in the club where they dance Kizomba & Tarraxhina, it's late, the lights are dim, it is hot and sweaty as people slowly grind their bodies together. My lover wears a short dress with tights. She asks me to wait, heads to the bathroom, returns and hands me her bag.

Inside are not only the tights but also her bra and panties. She slips me the remote control of the vibrating egg I had bought her, whispers "Play me" and walks over to a waiting woman, a very good dance leader. They start dancing, very slow, very close, the woman making my lovers butt rotate over her leg. I hide the remote in my folded hands and push the button and notice how my lover reacts.

I increase the strength, she puts her arms around the neck of the woman, pressing her breast against the other woman, I catch a glimpse of a hard nipple. One more press on the remote, she moves even closer and I can see she whispers something to the woman and the glimpse of surprise on her face. Taking a few steps, she guides my lover to the darkest corner of the room. I follow them and I can see how she slips her hand down over my lovers buttock, confirming with her hand what she has been told.

Her hand slides in between them, as I increase the speed the hand is firmly placed between my lovers legs while the other hand caresses the ass, letting the dress slide up to reveal half of the buttocks. A final press and I can watch my lover coming, she buries her head in the neck of the woman while her body shakes with both the music and orgasm. When she has calmed down, she kisses the woman on the cheek and brings us both up the stairs to an empty room.

She tells me to give the remote to the woman, unzips my pants and starts to give me a blow job, while the woman plays her with the remote. My loves sucks me and strikes her clit at the same time. As I start to ejaculate in her mouth, I can see the other woman watching us, open mouth and one hand deep inte her trousers and all three of us come together.