What happens in the secret bar, stays in the secret bar

A Sexual Fantasy

— By r_i_a_c

My husband and I are out in an underground bar. Candlelight, all a bit alien and enticing. We´re chatting, sipping our drinks, laughing, and enjoying the cool air of the brick walls. We start flirting playfully, slowly becoming more sensual. He caresses my arm and I shiver, his hot touch on my cold skin. His other hand slips under the table and caresses my thigh, slowly slowly moving all the way up. I try and focus on his words, as his fingers find the fringe of my panties. Suddenly, he gets up: ”Second round?”, and before I can answer, he heads to the bar. As my eyes focus on him again, I see him chatting with a stranger. He looks dark and handsome, his muscles playing under the shirt; he´s very animated by the conversation. My husband comes back with our drinks and sits down. “Who was the guy?”, I ask. Without answering my question, he takes a sip. He has something in mind and it makes my skin tingle imagining what he might be cooking up. From the corner of my eye, I see the stranger leave and almost feel sorry. That´s when I see my husband gesturing to follow him out into the corridor. While walking towards the bathrooms, he whispers into my ear: “Do you trust me?” – “Of course.” “And how hard do you want to go?”, he inches closer. As a response, I pull him in and kiss him. I hear the metal clicking. Suddenly he breaks away and turns me around forcefully. He ties my hands behind my back with his belt, my puls jumps into my throat. I feel him pulling away, so I turn around. He´s holding his tie, blindfolds me, and takes me by the elbow leading me into the room on the left. The air is cool and damp. My breath goes uneven and ragged. Suddenly there is a hand, massaging my shoulder and my neck. It can´t be my husband, it doesn´t feel like him. That´s when I feel his hand on my chin and his breath on my face: “This is a little surprise. A pleasant one, I hope. Still, you say the word and we stop. “ I understand. I feel a bit insecure but my whole body shakes with desire. I kiss him deeply and lean into the strong hands behind me that slide down to my hips. As he takes me from behind, I can feel my husband watching, panting. I feel the stranger leaning forward, towards my husband who lets out a deep moan. I imagine him touching my husband and I get even more excited as our movements quicken and intensify as one. Suddenly he grabs me by my tied wrists and pulls me up to his face: “There you go. I´ll give him to you, if you promise to take good care and do him well, so well. He deserves it all.” And with that, he unties me and pushes me forward. I find my husband and embrace his body. We entangle as one and while we reach the top of our passion, I can hear the stranger approaching from behind, panting ever louder. As we bathe in the ebbing ecstasy of the moment, I rub my face against my husband while my other arm finds and embraces the stranger, pulling him in closer, taking in their scent as the blindfold slowly slips from my eyes.