What happens in our Sand Castle...

A Sexual Fantasy

— By smurfix

I'm going to a sandy beach with my girl. It's hot, but off-season, so not many people are there. We don't bother with swimwear.
After some time lazing about and reading, we decide to build a sand castle around our spot. OK, it's more like a sand wall … we often touch each other while we're building the thing. Soon, the touches turn to caresses, we use the water we fetched for wetting the sand to wash the grit off each other, caresses turn to making out, then to making love. Occasionally, some people who are strolling or jogging by (most of them naked, too) stop for a moment and admire … well, probably not the sand castle. *g*
Finally, a couple who is walking by gets so intrigued that they stay, watch, get turned on by what they see … they start making out, then they step over our makeshift wall and love each other right beside us. Occasionally, a hand strays to the other couple …
The last shot shows the four of us walking away from the site, arm-in-arm-in-arm-in-arm (with the occasional hand-on-butt of course), nude, our beach bags slung haphazardly across our shoulders.

In fact … I'd love to be one of the actors!