Wet Sunset

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Johnny

I am a 21 year young man and I am fantasizing about a threesome with my girlfriend and another girl, a friend of her. I am thinking about a nice summer holiday at the beach, after having had a nice dinner by the sea and a bottle of wine we lay down at the beach and watch the sunset. The girls are starting to kiss but don't let me get in on the action first. They tie my hands so I have to watch but can't touch! After a while my girlfriend starts fucking with me but with my hands tied. So the girls "abuse" me till I cum. They share my dick and sit on my face. I am dressed with summer clothes, a nice shorts and a stylish shirt. The girls are dressed in a nice summer dress with flowers, "hippie" like dressed. I imagine myself with a beard ( I really have one) and the girls are brunette or have red hair. I also am not shaved ( my girlfriend likes me that way). The girls are natural and a bit older than me ( in their 30s). At the end, when we are finished, the girls steal my clothes and run away, and I have to get back to the hotel naked haha!! The scene in my head is funny and natural and the girls are a bit aggressive to me too. I like it to be a bit dominated! Thank you for reading. I would love to see this fantasy come true with your beautiful actors!

"Johnny" xx