We'll always have unfinished business

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Catherine

I've recently started having sex with a married friend. It wasn't planned, not in the slightest. We talked and talked for hours about our own lives and relationship issues, and somehow ended up in bed. It's happened a couple of times, and although I know we shouldn't be doing it, the thought of him excites me. We were recently at a party with a lot of mutual friends, none of whom knew what has happened between us. We went back to a friends place at the end of the night, and ended up sneaking into a bedroom to have sex. It was so exciting and animalistic. He took me from behind as my face was pressed against the wall, our friends on the other side, inches away. We said nothing about it later, everyone was pretty drunk and no-one knew. I can't stop thinking about it, and how passionate it was. I can't wait to kiss him again. I love having this sexy secret.