Wear Out My Woman

A Sexual Fantasy

— By lucalu

I'd like to find a nice gentlewoman of bisexual leanings to wear out my woman. I'd like to fondle and caress her while this educated lady licks her clit. When she gushes with an orgasm, I will penetrate her wetness from behind while this lady continues to lick her, occasionally kissing my balls, till I feel my wife's muscles taut around my cock again. Only then will I know she is ready for me to slowly enter her ass, all the while our helper sucks the juices from her pussy and gently fingers her during sodomy. What a pleasure it would be to feel our joy while I cum in ass and she is brought over the edge by the finger in and around her pussy. Then it will be I who needs our lady's mouth to regaining my hardness, so I can keep fucking my woman and bringing her more and more orgasms, till she ask for rest. A little rest and we can give pleasure for pleasure, for this lovely lady who has been a part of our ecstasy.