We Should Meet Offline...

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Theodore

I met her on a random chatroom. Met is not the right word, since she lives half a world apart from me. She is 20 years older than me, she is a mother, socially respected and this is her well hidden persona. I was 24, virgin recovering from a breakup, she was divorced for over 2 years and not been with anyone else. The site we met on was a sexbased place & there's always been that tension between us. It started slowly, we started talking about daily life, living, frustrations, etc. I was the one who was fascinated by her....sexually. Even though she maintained the responsible persona, I felt she had it in her for me....somewhere. Eventually we shared our true names, ended up on a chatting app & skype too. First time we went beyond texted words by a voice call, we talked for hours. I was always the submissive, so was she....almost. I asked her to dominate me & she agreed to go on cam. After a few failed skype dates, finally we managed to see one another as we are. I was nervous, perhaps she was too. But after we saw each other, talked, joked, confessed. Then something happened, something clicked. She told me to strip naked. I was surprised, but immediately obliged. She took her top off & showed me her large breasts. I was hard as ever, perhaps never ever like it. She showed me her huge dildo...... We were doing this. She was very specific on her instructions and I was in heavens to oblige. I did things I never thought I had in me to be able to do, she let her guard down like never before. It was just us in the world & nobody else, the distance was almost non existent....almost though. It was hours perhaps half a day, when we finally emerged sweating in ecstasy. That was the beginning of another level of our relationship. It's been 3 years & next year I'm moving abroad as a student near her, to be with her, to be hers. People need not to know..... we need one another, that's all that's needed.