By the way I'm a feminist

A Sexual Fantasy

— By punishmewhenimbad

My boyfriend and I are hosting a dinner party. He's at the head of the table, and I cooked the whole meal. Everyone is enjoying themselves until something goes wrong. I've been drinking a bit and after I've uncorked a new bottle I drop it, spilling it all over the table. The other guests rush to try to clean up but my boyfriend tells them to leave it. "Get up and follow me into to the kitchen," he says to me firmly, and I do as he says.

We're in the kitchen, off of the dining room. There's a door, but I'm sure the guests can still hear. He tells me to strip. I pull my shirt over my head, and slip out of my skirt. I stand waiting for his next instruction. "Take it all off," he says. I undo my bra, and let it drop to the floor. He loves my perky tits, but he's getting impatient. He shoves me into the counter, and tells me to bend over. He pulls my panties down to my ankles. He doesn't have to restrain me. He knows I won't move. He grabs a wooden spoon and smacks my ass, hard, a few times. I can feel it getting red, but I muffle my whimpers. I don't want the guests to hear. But he does. He drops the spoon, and I hear him undo his belt. I hear it whisper through his belt loops. He folds it over, and then cracks it hard on my ass. Again. And again. And again. And I can no longer hold in my screams. I cry out again and again each time he stings me with his belt. My legs start shaking, and after a while he stops. I'm crying, and gently, he wipes away my tears.

He picks up my clothes, but doesn't offer them to me. From behind, he slips an apron over my head, and ties it in the back. My burning ass is completely exposed, and it it doesn't really cover my tits. "You've lost your clothing privileges for today," he says deeply into my ear. He kisses my ass, turns me around, spreads my legs, and licks my clit, then leads me back to the dining room. He hands me a rag, and makes me clean up my mess, in front of the guests, practically naked. And he watches me, completely turned on.

By the way I'm a feminist.