Wax Acts

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sexy moves

I visit a waxing studio in order to get my ass waxed. Once in the room, I'm instructed to undress to my undies. I wear a G-string for easier access. Then I'm asked to get on my knees and stick my ass out. The waxer asks me if she can manipulate my undies as needed and if she can make contact with my ass as needed and I say yes. As she begins to move my undies in order to wax the hairs on my ass, I feel aroused and thrilled to have my anus looked at and indirectly touched at times. Then when the wax is applied and dried and subsequently pulled, that enhances my arousal. At this point I get wet. I ask the waxer if it would be easier if I removed my undies and she says yes, so I do. At one point she notices my wetness dripping on the table. She then asks me if I'm interested in a happy ending. I smirk and I say yes please. She then inserts her fingers in my newly waxed asshole and touches my genitals with her other hand. The pleasure builds up and then I erupt all over the table moaning and quivering significantly. The stinging of my ass from being waxed enhances the orgasm.