I Want Him to Dominate Me

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Jess_VG

I have been with my partner for 7 years now, and even though sex is great, I want more. All I want is for him to take control of my body, to desire my body... I fantasise he comes home from work, tired. He looks at me making dinner, undoes his tie and without saying anything he starts to kiss the back of my neck and caress my body, telling me I'm beautiful. He takes me to our bedroom while kissing me and undressing me, drops me on the bed and puts handcuffs on me. This is a surprise, this is what I crave but how does he know? He's never used cuffs on me... He can spank me, bite my neck, whip my back while I'm enjoying every second. I give him total control of my body. I am submissive and he becomes my master.

This is what I want, for him to have total control of me.