Video games and love

A Sexual Fantasy

— By gomperzian

My girlfriend doesn't like when I play videogames and tries very hard to distract me from them. However, this time she comes up with a new approach.

In the middle of a gaming session she catches me off-guard by walking into the living room with yoga pants and a very tiny top, pretending to have a quick stretching session. Her sensual movements tell a different story. A new thought starts lurking into my gamers mind and it becomes more difficult to concentrate on gaming.

As she continues, I notice the curves of her body, I've learnt to love, and I make a critical mistake in the game: I stand up in disappointment and begin complaining about her interference. With a benevolent smile on her face, the one she has when she knows she's won, she hushes me, coming closer and kissing me very softly.

I capitulate under a storm of feelings while she gently pushes me back on the sofa. I fall while she climbs and kisses the side of my neck.

This is just the beginning of a very interesting "gaming session"...