Vanilla was the Safe Word

A Sexual Fantasy

— By annamariaweber58

My husband and I own a beautiful Hacienda in the south with horses and ranch lands. One evening after returning the last horse to her stall, Enrico (our sexiest cowboy) sits down in the patio to have a whisky and smoke. It's a balmy night and the curtains are billowing from the second floor bedroom. From across the patio he hears what sounds like an argument coming from that room. The voices get louder and he hears a woman crying NO and begging someone to PLEASE STOP! The voices get more intense and louder. Enrico becomes concerned that perhaps it's me and I may be in trouble. He takes off his hat and walks cautiously yet quickly to find what the matter is. As he reaches the door he doesn't hesitate to open it quickly to help me. There he finds me tied to the bedposts with my husband spanking my hot red ass. He confronts my husband angrily only to learn that my safe word is not NO or PLEASE, or STOP, but rather Vanilla, which I am nowhere near begging for. He soon realizes that we are highly aroused and only getting started. My husband asks for Enrico's help to make me beg him to stop. He instructs Enrico to tie my wrists higher on the bedposts so that chest is fully open and my nipples pointed erectly forward. A large bolster is placed under my belly so that my red bottom is facing my husband highly in the air. My husband asks Enrico to slide under me and remove the clamps that are pinching my nipples. He then sucks them tenderly and intensely as my husband begins to explore my asshole with his finger. I beg them to STOP, which is still NOT the safe word. By now Enrico is very aroused and has a mind of his own. He removes the bolster and lowers himself beneath me. He kisses me passionately, takes me by the waist and slowly forces me down on his very erect cock. My husband is very excited and wants me too. So while Enrico fucks my pussy, my husband slowly starts to enter my ass from behind. I moan deeply NO, and PLEASE, and STOP, yet never need to say VANILLA. We fall to bed and sleep with me in-between these two beautiful men.