Unforgettable theater performance

A Sexual Fantasy

— By carrybradshaw

Imagine being in a theater. This one has a vintage touch to it. It has dark wooden floors and heavy red curtains. You look around the room in settled, dimmed lights and realize that something is different than usual. You see beds instead of seats behind you, they look inviting with many pillows and blankets and then you see a huge bed on the stage. Now the room starts to fill up with people, everyone is dressed up in silk and wears masks. People start choosing a bed and you feel lost for a second. But then two people smile at you and invite you to sit with them on their bed. "Have a seat", they say. "Relax and enjoy the show." You hear music coming from every corner of the room and you see actors entering the stage. They strip each other and walk towards the bed. You overwhelmed by the performance! And just when you think that you would like to be one of them, you feel the hands of the two people net to you touching you everywhere. You look around and realize that everyone is having sex while watching the show.