Two Rockstars is Better Than One

A Sexual Fantasy

— By LaPetiteMort

I was friends with the lead two members of a band in my hometown, and one night after a particularly raunchy show, I was so turned on that I had to have the lead singer now and then, so I grabbed him and took him to the bathroom, where I started kissing every inch of his tattooed body, and he tore my tights, took my tits out, and lifted my dress and started fucking me from behind, as my breasts slammed into the mirror. While we were fucking, we heard a knock on the door, it was his bandmate, he said "I know what you're doing in there" and he laughed, we unlocked the door, and he joined us, they took turns fucking me, as I'd give the other one a blowjob, I came so hard that my voice was louder than the Rock N Roll music outside.