One Becomes Two, Two Becomes Three

A Sexual Fantasy

— By dana

My boyfriend's mate comes over to our place for dinner. Both of the men are chefs and have prepared a beautiful dinner. There is laughter and flirting as we talk and eat. After, we move to the sofa to relax.

One of the men begins to kiss me, and then so does the other. The passion increases - I am undressed and being stroked and kissed all over. The men undress while continuing to focus their attentions on me. At one point I am lying on my side on the floor and one is kissing and licking my inner thighs and around my cunt and the other is kissing and licking my buttocks and running his tongue between my cheeks. The way I am lying allows me to suck one cock while holding and kissing the tip of the other. The feeling of simultaneous penetration by both tongues is exquisite and I become lost in the sensations. They bring me to an explosive orgasm.
After a few minutes I regain my breath. I reach for lubricant. My boyfriend puts some onto a finger and my anus, and proceeds to slowly insert his finger. His mate watches intently whilst continuing to stroke my body. Gradually it becomes two fingers and then three. My boyfriend languorously lubricates his cock and places it at my anus and I very gently push back onto it allowing his cock to gradually enter me. His mate is still watching, transfixed. Once my boyfriend’s cock is comfortably all the way in, his mate slowly enters my cunt from the front. It takes a little while but then we are in a lover’s sandwich, the three of us in a spooning position.
I’m safely cocooned by two loving men. Our lower body movements are minimal and the two men return to kiss and stroke the upper parts of my body. At one stage I reach down to run my fingers over their balls and trace a finger around the bases of their cocks, where they enter my body. Levels of arousal increase and our movements increase. My boyfriend orgasms loudly, followed a minute later by his mate and a minute later by me.